My Rules:
Can't do: Yaoi.

I prefer something known, for example Bleach or Fairy Tail
My Pricelist (approximate):
50 Extra Votes:
One character Female (clothed, semi-clothed or fully naked).
100 Extra Votes:
A couple character having sex (clothed, semi-clothed or fully naked). Small complications are possible at my discretion.
250 Extra Votes:
two females character gangbanged by anonymous males (clothed, semi-clothed or fully naked). Small complications are possible at my discretion.

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One more Tenchi x Ryoko. They should be having sex nude in the position in my crappy drawing (Ryoko on all fours and Tenchi on knee with one leg up)hiding behind the foliage in the floating onsen. Tenchi should be looking strained with cliched teeth. Ryoko should be covering her mouth with one hand, struggling not to make a sound, and have eyes half closed in euphoria. The backs of Ayeka and Sasami should be able to be seen in the distance(I have labeled the characters in the attached pictures). It is OK for them to be out of focus because they are in the distance. Ayeka and Sasami should just be sitting in the onsen relaxing, both of them wrapped in the pink towel as shown in the pictures. I could not find a back shot of Sasami but she just has the two buns with the ribbon ties as pictured in the Ryoko x Sasami pic. [img id="ad6c7b392f84c252865b05a46404ee25"] [img id="393a21185aa2049e0031983eeea3bc12"] [img id="116647e2cfaf1eccde015c5b2ef5b35c"] [img id="f717323989284e0bf9246ef79a1b07ec"] [img id="fead311c76beb8a2de38c4c426b6c91b"] [img id="276c3c0eb27afa2f79d7f8c6e07158cc"] [img id="012bf809dbd8998bbf03147581ebf602"] [img id="e5c0a03b8b74c0068fe5344c49c61810"] [img id="9430f681a662eb2ff6c7582915647e15"] [img id="08c2a2c77ca730e83ea088c178e237f9"]
Tenchi and Ryoko 2 Arts by: AkimyichAkimyich Idea by: Dragonfly Added: 2018-07-15 14:15:06
Ren Amamiya External Image has sex with Sae Niijima Image External in this position Image
Ren Amamiya and Sae Niijima Arts by: AkimyichAkimyich Idea by: Dreamrender Added: 2018-07-09 08:17:19
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Tenchi and Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo having sex in the woods close to the house. Tenchi should be doing Ryoko from behind with a somewhat strained face, and Ryoko should be fully enjoying it. Ryoko should be in the costume pictured in the attachments with clothing barely pulled aside to show ass, pussy, and breasts. Tenchi should be in the clothing from the attachments as well (with pants pulled down obviously)but with or without the blue jacket is fine. I attached a photo of the kind of nature around the house but the house does not need to be pictured, just them in the woods. [img id="1b8ced6cb240a506abf97f043920d26f"] [img id="2cb119ddc260fb26c704eeeda8ecb8bf"] [img id="1a1f87809bcc9dac680a719a9c27ba9c"] [img id="e957ece637317459661ad4fa91480448"] [img id="21e1420856de782e4fcd9b37d326fc3a"]
Tenchi and Ryoko Arts by: AkimyichAkimyich Idea by: Dragonfly Added: 2018-06-23 10:18:55
2 panel shouto todoroki x momo yaoyorozu. They're on a white bed with drapes. Pillows are behind shouto Image Panel 1 - Momo's wearing this with knee high black socks and no shoes Image but her shirt is unbuttoned with the tie undone. She has her tits out. Shouto is wearing this External They're in this position Image Momo's skirt is hiking up her ass and she has a lustful expression Panel 2 - on the same bed. They're both naked but momo's kept the black knee high sock on. This is the position Image Shouto has came inside her and its dripping out of her pussy and down his dick. Momo has an ahegao expression and they're both sweating.
School practice Arts by: AkimyichAkimyich Idea by: PulpFiction Added: 2018-06-15 13:04:54